About Us

About Us
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At Granite State Bowhunters (GSB), we are more than just enthusiasts of bowhunting; we are a community united by a passion for the sport, a deep respect for ethical hunting practices, and an unwavering commitment to preserving our hunting heritage. Founded with a purpose and guided by a strong code of ethics, GSB stands as a testament to the values that define us as bowhunters and conservationists.

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our primary mission is to promote bowhunting and advocate for the safe and lawful use of the bow and arrow. We firmly stand against organizations, groups, or individuals that oppose hunting, archery, or firearms in an honorable and respectful manner.

We recognize the importance of unity and collaboration, and we actively seek alliances with like-minded organizations that share our fundamental interests. Together, we work diligently to defend and ensure the rights, protection, and enjoyment of our sports.

Additionally, we are committed to raising awareness among the public about matters that could potentially impact the legislation or common practices of bowhunters. Through education and engagement, we aim to foster a greater understanding of our sport within the broader community.

We are dedicated to the safety of both hunters and the wildlife we pursue. Our efforts include providing hunter safety programs and cooperating closely with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to enhance hunting conditions.

Furthermore, we strive to elevate the standards of equipment used in bowhunting while promoting the highest ethical values among those engaged in the sport.

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

As Granite State Bowhunters, we uphold a set of ethical principles that guide our actions and behavior:

  • We use bows with a standard draw weight of over 40 pounds and maintain sharp broadheads to ensure humane and ethical hunting.
  • We understand our equipment's capabilities and limitations, never taking shots beyond the range where a clean and ethical kill is assured.
  • We embrace the challenge of hunting, respecting the game, and stalking it on its terms.
  • Our desire for hunting goes beyond the kill; we value the experience and connection with nature.
  • We are true sportsmen and conservationists, obeying the rules and laws that protect wildlife. We do not knowingly associate with those who violate these principles.
  • We respect landowner rights and the aspirations of fellow hunters, embodying the spirit of true sportsmanship.